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You love singing, admit it. Yet nobody other than your shower curtain or car windscreen ever hear it. You are most certainly convinced you are not good enough to join a choir. 


Well, we believe anyone can sing. We are here to create a safe and supportive environment for you to find out. Most of us started in a similar place! 


If you have thought about joining a choir before and weren't quite brave enough, we dare you to give us a try!

Who We Are

Meet The Hidden Voices


From The Same
Hymn Sheet

We usually sing in up to 4 parts. Don't worry if you know if you have no clue if you are alto or soprano, tenor or bass. We help you find out.

We use sheet music for rehearsals and sing from memory at performances. Training for the voice and the brain! 

We offer recordings and exercises to practice at home, sheet music is provided once you are a regular.


No Booking, no Auditions

We welcome anyone who is passionate about singing and crazy enough to join a bunch of other people to get together once a week and sing their hearts out and have a lot of fun with it. We learn and develop together, and always leave rehearsals with a smile.

We are more than just a choir, socialising and interaction as a group are also important to us. Karaoke or Pub Quiz anyone? You get the idea.


From Opera to Rock'n'Roll

...and everything in between. We like to think of our song choice as eclectic and believe there is something for everyone. Every member can make suggestions, and we love to try out new things.

We are accompanied on the piano by our wonderful musical director, and sometimes venture into accappella pieces. And the audience love them!

Derek Carden

Musical Director

Derek started his musical career as a cathedral chorister (Rochester) then read music at Nottingham University and the London Opera Centre.

He specialises in conducting, accompanying opera and church music, on organ or piano, giving organ recitals, and in teaching.  He has appeared throughout the UK, Europe and the US. He has recorded an orchestral CD with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, featuring the late Sir Patrick Moore.

We are proud to say we have introduced Derek to contemporary Pop and Rock music which he now secretly enjoys almost as much as Beethoven and Verdi.



Every Thursday


Phoenix Centre
Crystal Palace
66 Westow St
London SE19 3AF
FREE Taster Session
£10 weekly Pay As You Go

What We Have Been Up To

Choir Retreat and Performance

in Daimiel, La Mancha, Spain

Hidden Voices Going International

What an amazing adventure we went on this summer. A retreat in a beautiful location in Spain, with much fun, laughter, and of course, singing practice - all culminating in a performance for the people of Daimiel and raising funds for their Alzheimer's Society.
The feedback could not have been more positive, and we really hope to return again in the future for the "Noche de Verano" at the Town Museum.  
Click on the song titles below to see some snippets of our performance ! 

PS: We even got a mention on the Official Daimiel Website!


Sunday 22 September, 4pm

Our last event was at the SUMMER SOUNDS Concert in the Secret Garden Center in Crystal Palace where we performed our current repertoire to raise funds for our chosen cause for this event, OFF THE RECORD - a local charity providing free, independent and professional counselling for 14 to 25 year-olds in the Croydon area.


Thanks to everyone who donated!


Click the button to see a recording of Pur Ti Miro, one of our classical pieces. 

The Hidden Voices Choir


Rehearsals Thursday 7.30-9.30pm

Phoenix Centre

66 Westow Street

London SE19 3AF

© Daniela Noehlen